Located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, 45 kilometers east of Toronto, the Municipality of Clarington is home to the Darlington Nuclear Power Generating Station. Owned and operated by Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the Darlington facility produces about 17% of the electricity used in Ontario in 2004. The Municipality of Clarington has enjoyed a very positive working relationship with OPG for many years. Collectively, the Municipality and OPG have collaborated on many community projects including emergency planning, and various economic development initiatives.

The Municipality of Clarington is also host to a historic low level radioactive waste management facility currently undergoing a Federal Environmental Assessment process. The proponent of the undertaking is the Low Level Radioactive Waste Management Office operating under the auspices of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Through a special agreement executed between NRCan and Clarington, the Federal Government has committed to developing a long term safe storage facility within Clarington to store the existing low level radio active materials currently buried near the north shore of Lake Ontario at the eastern edge of the Municipality.

Other nuclear related matters of interest to Clarington include the issues of long term nuclear emergency planning and future decisions of the Provincial Government with respect to new nuclear generating facilities.

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Mayor Adrian Foster