Aboriginal people inhabited the area for thousands of years. In the early 1800 explorers were drawn to uncharted territories and their bounty. French fur traders seeking an alternate waterway to bypass dangerous rapids at Seven Sisters on the Winnipeg River traveled through the area aboriginals named “pinnowok”, meaning “calm waters” and known today as the Pinawa Channel.

At the turn of the century, the first settlers established a town about ten kilometers from the junction of this historic channel and the powerful Winnipeg River. “Old” Pinawa was settled by the families of people who operated Manitoba’s first hydroelectric power dam. The town site was abandoned in 1951 when the station was shut down as newer power plants came into operation. Today, this historic site is a Provincial Heritage Park and regarded as one of the best picnic spots in Manitoba where spruce trees, planted by early settlers, stand to the Roman-like ruins of the original dam.

In 1963, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited built a research center in the area and “new” Pinawa provided homes for its employees and their families. It seemed appropriate that the new community, whose residents would also be involved in the discovery of new energy, environmental and health technologies, carry on the name and pioneering spirit of the first village.


With the decommissioning of the research site, AECL is much less prominent in town and for the past seven years diversification o the economy has moved forward.

Today, Pinawa is an attractive and diverse community, home to scientists, entrepreneurs and their families, all enjoying the advantages of Pinawa’s unique high-tech rural lifestyle. Newcomers to Pinawa work effectively with broadband internet access, technology and business resources all conveniently located in a recreation paradise.

The town is growing and so are the opportunities. We’re carving new building lots out of carefully selected woodlands. There are only a few lots left in the first phase of development. Phase 2 will begin shortly. Who’s taking advantage of this great opportunity? There are opportunities in Pinawa for scientists, researchers, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, retailers and a growing service base. Today’s internet-empowered information professional is right at home in this high-tech community where telecommuting is a fine art. There are opportunities to build on recreational potential of the area with eco-tours and sport outfitters. There are opportunities to raise your family in a safe, clean and caring community that shares your values.

Pinawa offers unmatched lifestyle for working families who value education, community and recreation. Located just over an hour Northeast of Winnipeg via major trunk highways, Pinawa’s location offers easy access to the city and all its amenities. As one of Manitoba’s first planned communities, business and employment opportunities abound. The community, design for a population of 5,000, has residential, commercial and industrial land zoned and available for development.

Our economy grows stronger every year thanks to a boundless community spirit and pride, and the dedication of both our elected officials and our residents to its growth and prosperity.


In the coming years, Pinawa, as a confident population of 3,000 year-round and seasonal residents, will be looked upon as a model community. One where the New Generation of Family-Centred Entrepreneurs will be happily running businesses, raising families and enjoying the recreational paradise that surrounds their proud home.  www.pinawa.com

Mayor Blair Skinner (front left - seated)